A Look Back at Winter 2018-2019

Spring is just around the corner, and “Meteorological Spring” actually begins today! Astronomical Spring begins on March 20, but the date isn’t the same every year. Meteorologists consider December, January, and February as the winter months to make record keeping easier.

This winter was relatively mild for us in Salisbury. Temperatures were a few degrees above average every month, and every few weeks we made it to at least 50°. The longest Salisbury went without going above 50° was only 10 days! We only went 19 days without going above 60°. The warmest temperature this winter was 69° on February 5. Interestingly enough, the coldest was 8° a few days earlier on February 2.

Our first measurable snow of the year was on December 8, and we received 0.8” of snow. Total January snowfall was 3.7” and total in February was 0.5”. This gives us a total of 5.0” of snow for the winter of 2018-2019. On average, Salisbury usually receives 9.9” of snow each winter, so we were below average this year. February was well above average for precipitation, receiving 3.77” for the whole month which is 0.42”above average.

If you’re a fan of the winter weather and snow, don’t worry, the last 5 years Salisbury has received snow in March. So we may still see some more snow before summer arrives.

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