Worcester Co. approves Inlet dredging partnership

WORCESTER Co., MD – The Ocean City Inlet can be considered the lifeline of Worcester County. All year long, boats use the Inlet, but recently, some boats have had trouble getting through, because Mother Nature has filled part of the Inlet back up with sand.

Recently, a large boat got stuck in the Ocean City Inlet, causing thousands of dollars in damages. We’re told the vessel was stuck for about 7 hours, signifying a need to make the inlet deeper.

At a recent meeting, Worcester County Commissioners approved a Project Partnership Agreement with the Department of the Army and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

This partnership will help the federal government to increase the depth of the Inlet to 16 feet. We’re told the material that is dredged up from the Inlet will be used for the Assateague Island Restoration Project.

The Project Partnership Agreement is just the next step in getting the Inlet dredged.

We’re told the agreement has not yet been finalized, as the Army Corps of Engineers still needs to give the final approval.

They are expected to give that approval sometime in the next week.

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