Parkside grad makes a name for himself in E-Sports world

SALISBURY, Md.- Devon Peek admits that as a kid, video games was a huge part of his life. Peek says he began playing video games at a very young age, and eventually moved to sports gaming later on. His youth passion seems to have payed off as Peek has graduated to a professional gamer.

Peek, 21, graduated from Parkside High School in Salisbury back in 2016, playing basketball up to his sophomore season with the Rams. Devon began him “amateur” gaming career as a 13-year old playing NBA 2K11, and developing into one of the best in the country. By 2017, Peek won numerous accolades as a 6’11 center online and soon entered the radar for professional teams, as the NBA 2K League developed.

“Arsonal X” (Peek’s online name) was drafted #33 overall by the Boston Celtics Crossover Gaming Company in the inaugural 2K League draft held in New York City. Peek lived in Boston from March 2018 thru September, fulfilling duties as a full-time professional player.

This year, Arsonal will suit up for the Atlanta Hawks expansion franchise, Hawks Talon Gaming Company. Check out Peek’s story!

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