Ocean City Council approves nine new cell towers

OCEAN CITY, Md. – At a meeting on Tuesday, Ocean City council members voted 4 to 2 to approve Crown Castle’s proposal to install several new cell towers throughout the beach town, despite the concerns of residents.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said, “We’ve been able to, I think, work successfully with Crown Castle, particularly on the boardwalk with having them mount these cell towers making them look like our boardwalk lights, added lights, to the boardwalk added cameras, so there is a benefit there.”

The new cell towers will be constructed in the Caine Woods Community, the Heron Harbour Community, Caine Keys Community, and the Little Salisbury Community.

This is something that some residents are not happy about.

Mayor Meehan explained, “The main concern is the aesthetics.”

Holly Donovan, a resident said, “It’s unnecessary. 5 G is coming it’s not even developed, it’s not even going to be here for another two to three years, so I am quite perplexed as to what the big push is to get these in right now, we got to do this now.”

Property devaluation, changing technology and health risks were also brought to the council’s attention on Tuesday.

Donovan said, “I have documentation from doctors, 78 doctors from across the country from the number one institutions in the country, that have stated devastating effects of the EMF from these towers.”

Despite the push back, some believe there is a need for these cell towers now.

Mayor Meehan said, “What they’re telling us is they need them for distribution they really do, they need them to be able to provide access.”

Many of the residents in attendance on Tuesday were from the Montego Bay Community and fortunately for them, Ocean City did decide to not allow the installation of any cell towers in their neighborhood.

Unfortunately though, the Federal Communications Commission recently ruled that state and local governments could not regulate these installations, so there is a chance cell towers could be installed in the Montego Bay Community in the future despite today’s ruling.

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