New medical cannabis clinic opens doors in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. –  A new business that could help provide relief to anyone suffering from chronic pain recently opened up in Salisbury.

That business is called Harvest Medical. Harvest Medical offers patient assessment, and gives patients the opportunity to get on a positive treatment path using medical marijuana.

Good candidates for medical marijuana treatment are anybody with chronic pain, epilepsy, or even anxiety.

Harvest Medical will not be distributing medical marijuana directly. They will instead be providing patients with certifications for medical cannabis who meet qualifying conditions in the state of Maryland.

Angela Borrell, a Certified Nurse Practitioner who works at Harvest Medical explained, “Medical marijuana is proven to be beneficial in [peoples] lives and help them relieve any suffering that they have.” She also said, “We’re open and fully functioning. We take patients mainly in the evening and on the weekends but we’re very flexible with scheduling.”

Before scheduling an appointment at Harvest Medical, you need to register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to obtain a patient ID.

You can do that at

You can make an appointment with Harvest Medical by calling 443 513 0500.

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