Mobile Food Pantry helps food insecure families in need in Delaware

GEORGETOWN, Del. –  Dozens of volunteers and members of the Food Bank of Delaware giving out food items to those in need one box at a time.

The Food bank of Delaware and dozens of volunteers are loading up trunks with box after box to help or “SNAP” beneficiaries in need all across the first state.

We’re told its all part of the Mobile Food Pantry program.

Some food recipients said, “Every little bit helps. It’s quite fantastic what everyone’s doing.”

We’re told those recipients received their February benefits early in mid-January from the Department of Health and Social Services because of the government shutdown.

Volunteer Steve Thompson, Vice President of Chesapeake Utilities said, “We’re helping out the SNAP recipients who may have had an interruption of their food stamps as well as the federal employees that need a helping hand through this time.”

Another recipient said, “It caused a lot of problems for a lot of families, but there’s a lot of people helping out. This is a real good deal. I really appreciate it.”

Patricia Beebe, CEO of the Food bank of Delaware tells 47 ABC they’ve done this pantry before, but have never helped this many families at one time.

She said, “We are doing a Mobile Pantry serving 500 families because we know this is really important area and what we should be doing in Delaware.”

She tells 47 ABC the Food Bank has a surplus of food right now from the government that they absolutely need to distribute before these items go bad.

She said, “It’s just unusual for us to get this amount of product from the federal government and we know it shouldn’t sit in our warehouse.”

The Food Bank of Delaware hopes these food items will keep snap recipients covered up until March.

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