MD senate hears important legislation that would enhance school safety

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Furthering Governor Hogan’s agenda to create a safer school environment, members of the senate also reviewed the Safe Schools Maryland Act on Wednesday. This proposed legislation would put procedures in place for anonymous reporting of concerning, dangerous, violent, or unlawful activities involving students. Currently, the safety tip line is already up and running for people to use,but legislators say if the bill becomes law, it would ensure this program remains in place for the public for years to come.

“It allows citizens who have a concern about the safety of a student, to make a call and be anonymous when they report it and right now the tip line is functioning but what this bill does, what Governor Hogan’s initiative does is formalize it,” said Senator Mary Beth Carozza.

Carozza adds that the bill will go before her committee again for a vote before it goes to both the house and senate floor. And if you want report any suspicious or concerning activity to the tip line you can call 1-833-MD-B-SAFE.


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