Man sentenced to 3 years after striking Cambridge police officer

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – A judge sentenced 28-year-old Armond Cornish at the Dorchester County Circuit House to three years behind bars on Tuesday after hitting a Cambridge police officer back in June.

According to the state, this all started because of a heated argument with his girlfriend.

“Mrs. Fox spent a lot of time with police more than I did even and that was the Cambridge police department who had the officer who was involved in this, as well as the Maryland State Police who were tasked with assigning this,” said State’s Attorney William Jones.

Those police officers are the ones who led the investigation, and one of them was struck by Cornish. Eight months later, it was those actions that sealed his fate and got him charged with fleeing and eluding an officer.

Reports say Cambridge police chased Cornish around the area after responding to a domestic dispute.

The 28-year-old had reportedly stolen his girlfriend’s car, and that is when the pursuit began. The Cambridge man then hit an officer who feared for his life leading him to shoot Cornish.

“After reviewing all the facts and the evidence, I spent a lot of time reviewing the law, ultimately I issued a declination letter where I told the Maryland State Police that I believe that the officer’s actions were justified,” said Jones.

Cornish eventually stopped near Douglas and High Street and that is when officers noticed Cornish was shot and severely injured.

“Ultimately, he plead guilty to those two counts and he received a split sentence that was started off higher and then suspended down to an active period of incarceration,” said Jones.

The State’s Attorney said after Cornish is released he will have to serve five years of probation and submit to drug and alcohol testing.

Officials also said Cornish was flown to a trauma center and spent several months undergoing surgery after he was shot by the Cambridge police officer.

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