Lewes needs help from taxpayers to increase revenue for 2020 budget

LEWES, Del. – City officials are looking to increase town revenue.

To do that, they’re looking to raise taxes and the parking costs in the resort town

$260,000 is the gap the city council in Lewes sill have to fill to meet their roughly $6 million proposed 2020 budget.

Lewes Mayor Theodore W. Becker said, “I think we’re still very much looking at what we may be able to cut out of this budget and what we will ultimately see as a need.”

Besides cutting things out, the council says they may also look to get revenue from elsewhere such as increasing property fees by one cent.

The mayor says for every one cent increase, the town could see a potential $45,000 in revenue.

We asked Mayor Becker if taxpayers would see this change in 2020.

He said, “I think all of that is coming but it’s still very much undecided at this time.”

The city will also look into increasing parking meter fees, as well as how long these meters will operate throughout the day.

Mayor Becker also said, “What was suggested in city manager’s original proposal was in the downtown area going from a dollar to a dollar and a half an hour.”

But nothing is set in stone just yet.

Mayor Becker said, “At some point and not in the distant future in the next couple of meetings we will get down to how we would make that gap up.”

The fiscal budget year for year 2020 runs from April 1st to March 31st and the city has yet to fully decide on it.

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