JTVCC Riot Trial Group 2: Closing Arguments

WILMINGTON, Del. – The 47 ABC crew is back in Wilmington for the second group of men on trial for the 2017 James T. Vaughn uprising and murder of Lt. Steven Floyd.

It’s been almost a month since the trials began and closing arguments kicked in Monday for Abednego Baynes, Kevin Berry, John Bramble, and Obadiah Miller.

One hour and 24 minutes: That’s how long the State took to make their closing arguments to the jury.

These trials rely heavily on witnesses and the State says that multiple men claim that these four inmates acted like soldiers and were involved in some way.

According to two inmates, they say they saw Baynes holding Floyd’s arm and was allegedly going back and forth to Floyd and Correctional Officer Wilkinson.

As for Berry, the State said that they believe he got involved to gain respect and one inmate says he saw Berry attacking CO Wilkinson. Several witnesses claim they saw blood on him.

We turn to Bramble, where Royal Downs, the State’s witness after making a plea deal, said he saw him go in with the attackers from the yard holding a shank. Several other testimonies claim: that he was stomping on a CO’s head in B tier, saw him with blood on his shirt, and allegedly whispered into Ms. May’s ear that he gutted Floyd like a whale.

But probably their biggest argument goes against Obadiah Miller and that’s because they allegedly have DNA evidence. According to prosecutors they found Lt. Floyd’s and Miller’s DNA in the mop closet.

Beyond that, multiple witnesses testified that they saw him punching and stabbing Floyd, since his mask was coming off.

As for the defense, Baynes and Berry’s lawyer both say that all other witnesses have inconsistencies and a dizzying amount of contradictions.

Baynes’ lawyer even tells the jury, that there’s a lack of evidence in this entire investigation and that the State handled this entire process poorly.

Both claim their clients weren’t involved.

As for Miller’s lawyer, he says there isn’t enough evidence under unreasonable doubt to claim he’s guilty.

Throughout the trial, it came about that Lt. Floyd used to date Miller’s mother. He says that he’s known for quite some time and Floyd even gave him a job in the jail, called the tier man. According to inmates though, the tier man was like working with the police. The State says this could have cause Miller to want to gain some respect.

Beyond that, it also came out that he didn’t like Floyd. But his lawyer says, “Do you like your boss? No. Do you plan to kill them?”

Because of the delay the schedule for closing arguments have been pushed back and will continue Tuesday.

Beyond murder, these four men also face kidnapping, rioting, and conspiracy charges.

Back in November, the trial for the first group of men wrapped up, as Dwayne Staats was found guilty for first degree murder and Deric Forney was acquitted.

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