Gov. Carney brings state of the state tour to Milford, talks future of Delaware

MILFORD, Del. –  The Carlisle Fire Company’s banquet hall was packed on Monday night  as residents from across Sussex county came with questions in hand ready to discuss the future of the first state.

“This is what it supposed to be about you know talking to constituents we work for them,” said Governor John Carney.

Nearly a month after delivering his state of the state address and discussing his top investment priorities for the 2020 budget, Governor Carney launched a town hall tour, going up and down the state of Delaware getting input from the people who matter most the residents.

“I think that it’s important because he does stop and he does listen to the people and he hears the people,” said resident Keith Poptanich.

One of the main focuses of the meeting included making sure each and every student in Delaware has access to a quality education, while continuing to sustain the environment, which Carney says would boost the state’s economy.

“Keeping our state presentable to others so that they want to come down and spend their money here and then leave I think it’s very important for our state and our economic activity,” said Milford High School senior class president Ethan Lang.

And while many agreed with Carney’s plan, others decided to bring concerning matters to the governor’s attention that they feel needs to still be addressed including issues with health care and property taxes.

“Why is it so expensive for care, why are deductibles for the middle class increasing while we’re spending more,” asked Lang.

“If the governor keeps putting taxes on us lower and middle income people then it’s going to affect everyone of us,” said Poptanich

And while these issues can’t be fixed overnight, residents say they’re willing to work with the governor in order to make the first state a better state for generations to come.

“It takes time, and it takes compromise, and I am willing to eventually come back and work with the governor himself and keep this dialogue going in order to advance our state,” said Lang.




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