Drivers could face up to $1,000 fine with proposed OC special events zone bill

OCEAN CITY, Md. – While we’re still far away from the summer season. Ocean city officials are preparing for the visitors to come, and are pushing for a piece of legislation that would increase fines during special events.  Currently the fine that a negligent driver would face in a special events zone is about $50.
But through a proposed bill known as House Bill 789, violators could be fined up to one thousand dollars. Ocean City officials say the event zone regulation that was put in place last summer did reduce the amount of reckless driving throughout the town. But they’re hoping this increase, will make it known that they’re serious about keeping everyone safe.

“You have to obey the law there are no pardons for not obeying the law.  And what this does is this strengthens our position, this really makes everybody know that we’re going to be serious about this and we’re going to control the behavior while people are visiting in ocean city, “said Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan.

Meehand adds that the bill hearing for this piece of legislation will take place on Friday March 8th, at 1PM. And he along with the ocean city police chief will be attending.


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