Concession stand destroyed by water pipe burst, local little league in need of community support

MILFORD, Del. –  Monday’s weather definitely gave us a little reminder that spring is really just around the corner, but for one local little league team their spring baseball season may be a little bit different this year. Just last week all of Delmarva was experiencing freezing temperatures, and unfortunately those temps caused a water pipe burst in the ceiling of the Milford Little League’s concession stand. Causing more than 111,000 gallons of water to pour into the building. The result? A caved in ceiling and heavy water damage throughout the stand. The cost to fix all of this? Close to $20,000. Officials say now, they’re turning to the community for help to rebuild the stand, which is a main source of income for the league.

“Just clean up right now is about $6,000 just to clean everything up. This is our biggest revenue and it’s for the kids also that’s the main thing out here is our goal is to make sure the kids have a concession stand to go to so their friends can hang out and do things like that,” said the little league president Jason Webb.

If you’re interested in helping the league rebuild its concession stand click here for a link to the GoFundMe page.

For more information you can also e-mail Lance at or contact Jason Webb at (302)-363-7572.

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