Buckingham Elementary educator wins ‘Teacher Who Makes A Difference’ award

BERLIN, Md. – In Berlin Tuesday, 47 ABC got the chance to honor a bright star as a part of our ‘Teacher Who Makes A Difference’ award.

Danielle DiMichele is January’s winner, a third grade math and writing and teacher at Buckingham Elementary.

She’s been teaching there for 10 years now, but on Wednesday, 47 ABC had a chance to do something she’s never experienced before, a big surprise from us for being a teacher in our area that is having a positive impact on our youth.

“I love making a difference and where I teach here at Buckingham Elementary, the kids that I teach are amazing and just knowing that I make a difference in their life and the impact I have is why I love being at this school,” says DiMichele.

The ‘Teacher Who Makes A Difference’ award is brought to you in part by Accurate Optical. If you know of a teacher like Danielle who deserves to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to teaching our youth, you can nominate them on our website.

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