No convictions for the second group of inmates in the JTVCC riot trial

WILMINGTON, Del. – After almost five days of deliberating, the jury has reached a set of verdicts for the second group of men charged in the James T. Vaughn uprising.

40 charges were against Kevin Berry, Abednego Baynes, Obadiah Miller and John Bramble but the jury only had answers for 35 of the counts.

On Monday, the jury said they reached an impasse and could only agree on some of the charges.

These four men were all charged with 10 counts including two counts of murder and first degree assault, four counts of kidnapping and a single charge on rioting and conspiracy.

For both Berry and Baynes, the jury gave them a full acquittal.

Berry’s lawyer, Andy Witherell said, “They realized the evidence was presented was sparse at best and they acquitted Kevin.”

As for John Bramble, he received not guilty charges on all counts except first degree assault on correctional officer Winslow Smith and rioting, as the jury couldn’t come up with a decision. His lawyer, Tom Pedersen says, “They are relatively minor charges, I have no idea if the State intends to prosecute again for those. He was pleasantly surprised because he was bracing for the worst.”

The other hung jury falls on Obadiah Miller. The jury couldn’t come up with an answer on the murder charges and rioting.

His representation, Tony Figliola tells 47 ABC, “I’m not sure what the State will do going forward with the hung charges but it’s going to be difficult with all the no guilties and underlying stuff that made charges against him very bad but we’re very happy at this point.”

As for the State prosecutors, they quickly passed the crowd of reporters, saying no comment and there was no sign of Commissioner Perry Phelps after the announcement.

They did release a statement saying, “We are disappointed with the news today but respect the decisions made. Regardless of the outcome, the DOC will remain: One Family, One Team.’ ”

47 ABC also received a statement from Geoff Klopp, the president of the correctional officer union and he says it’s very frustrating. Not only did they learn that Lt. Steven Floyd laid their for hours and bled to death but the State can’t hold anyone accountable. He says it makes it harder for CO’s to go to work knowing that one of their brothers was murdered and yet no one is being held responsible.

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