Back to the drawing board for Indian River School District

SELBYVILLE, Del. –  The Indian River School District is headed back to the drawing board. A referendum that would address the growing number of students failed on Tuesday and that means it’s time for administrators to get creative.

“We have to see what we can do and see if there’s any way we can alleviate any of that crowding, just do the best we can do,” exclaims IRSD Supt. Mark Steele.

The Indian River School District is starting over after their proposed referendum failed to pass on Tuesday which means the student overcrowding issues will only get worse.

“We have to now look at whatever small amount of space we have and maximize utilization and make some decisions on how we are going to do that.”

Adding portables even desks in classrooms is now up for discussion because even with the referendum not passing, “Issues don’t go away, growth doesn’t go away,” adds Steele.

And while school officials work out what they are going to do, many locals we spoke to Wednesday say they’re disappointed it didn’t pass.

“How are we not going be able to spend a few dollars to help our kids through school and fund the school properly and not have them packed in mobile homes or quote on quote portables, where we are at,” says Gary Myers.

Others say, off camera, they’re glad it didn’t because they aren’t ready to have their taxes increase. Something people, even the school officials understand.

“I do understand why people didn’t want to pass it, but at the same time as more people move down here eventually they are going to have to make schools bigger and you know it’s inevitable, it will happen it just can’t happen every year,” adds Bill Hastings.

Steele says, “We understand some people can’t afford it, I mean we understand that but we really have no other option on our end when we need support other than to ask the taxpayers.”

So in the meantime, while Indian River looks at all its options, “We’re going to keep pushing our kids educationally. Do as well as we possibly can and just going to put our focus there.”

Now the school district can go for another referendum, although that’s a decision that will have to come from the Board of Education.

If that is the plan, the district has to wait 60 days before bringing it to the public and it would have to be voted on before June 30th.

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