Attorney General takes in public input during criminal justice town hall

SEAFORD, Del. – Sussex County residents got their opportunity to ask questions and submit input directly to the state’s Attorney General, Kathy Jennings.

The state’s DOJ has already laid out over 30 recommended policy changes including pleas, sentencing, and more.

Jennings stressed the department’s focus on prosecuting violent crimes, while handing out more civil citations to non-violent offenders.

“An arrest alone, even if it is for possession of marijuana, can cause someone not to be able to get employment. It can cause someone to lose her or his job.”

A wide range of topics were covered.

Jennings voiced support for ensuring voting rights to ex-prisoners, continuing to pursue the lawsuit, filed by former AG Matt Denn, against opioid distributors, and support for legislation against ghost weapons. She articulated reasons for opposition to the death penalty.

The crowd also asked about more body cameras on police officers, the recidivism rate, and video recording of court proceedings to keep judges and attorneys honest.

“You’d have documentation of what’s taking place, and everybody could see it. And it would keep the judges more honest,” said Ellendale resident Bill Sharpe.

Another suggestion was drug tests for judges.

“They could come in impaired, and there’s been cases all across the country where they’ve done tremendous damage,” said Sharpe.

Jennings says she ran on going straight to the people, and hopes this will create a more fair justice system in the First State.

“Out of this will come a robust mechanism for people to communicate with our office about important criminal justice matters and all matters,” said Jennings.

If you’re not able to make it out to one of these town halls, but want to make your voice heard, you have the opportunity. Another town hall will take place next Thursday night at 6 PM at the Dover Public Library.

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