Workers return to NASA Wallops Flight Facility

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. – At NASA Wallops Flight Facility, people are finally returning to work after almost a month off due to the partial government shutdown.

Workers told 47 ABC on Tuesday they felt like kids returning back to school from summer break because they were gone so long.

They say right now, they’re spending time cleaning up everything, making sure computer systems are back up and running and doing assessments of projects they’ve been working on.

They also still aren’t sure if the shutdown will delay any of the launches they have planned.

Keith Koehler, the Public Information Officer for NASA Wallops Flight Facility said, “A lot of that is still being assessed. We’re looking to send rockets and they look like they’re all still on schedule. The Antares launch, which is scheduled right now for April 17th, is still on schedule so you know, there is still a few projects we have to look at because they’re very complicated projects.”

NASA workers that were furloughed tell us they’re extremely grateful for all the help they received from community members during the shutdown.

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