The Brightside: Salisbury Rhinos

Its a program that is very popular across the nation and now its right here in Salisbury thanks to a grant from the Police Athletic league.
The Salisbury Rhinos football league gives kids a chance to do something positive while getting mentored by community members and police.

“Its important just for the kids to see us in a different light and for us to see them in a different light as well. Basically becoming their mentors and that’s what the program is about.”

Police First Class Kevin Carroll with the Salisbury Police Department says so far, the kids and coordinators are having a ball learning from each other.
“Just in the group that we’ve had with the team, I mean we’ve become tight with them. Its like a big family.”

Its a family that Police First Class Caroll and Coach Carlos Stanley hope grows larger.

There are already some pretty big plans in place– like remodeling the field where the teams practice at Waterside Park.

“Right here where the geese are standing — this will be the football field for the Salisbury rhinos. we’re also going to incorporate the Dover-Del Lacrosse program will have their games here. and as we grow as the Salisbury Youth Athletic program and incorporate soccer.”

Coach Stanley grew up around here and played sports and wants to pass that experience along to local kids.

“Its important to me. I’m trying to give these kids a chance to progress themselves in football.”

Stanley says the team plays in the spring and fall and gives kids a chance to get prepped for high school football.
The experience the kids get is unmatched.

“They get to travel. We went to Delaware this year. We played twice in New Castle. We went far as to Easton and Princess Anne.”

If you’d like to learn more about the program, you can connect to the league via the Facebook page:

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