Salisbury Police: 2018 was “safest year on record”

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury Police say they’ve seen a decline in serious crime.

According to recent statistics, 2018 was historic. Salisbury Police say 2018 is the safest year on record. We’re told Salisbury is down 42% from their peak in 2009 and down 12% from 2017.

Homicide, burglary, and arson investigations are all down. Just to show you a few stats comparing 2018 to 2017, homicides were down from seven to three, there were 94 robberies compared to 73, and 275 burglaries to 196.

But one thing has gone up, which is rape. 21 cases have been reported compared to 20 last year. Chief Barbara Duncan says, “I do know over the past four years, 3-4 years, there has been a change in reporting protocols, which has generated more reporting to us.” As a matter of fact, rape was the only tracked serious or aggressive crime that didn’t dip.

Besides hard work, Chief Duncan says technology has been a helpful tool over the years. “A lot of what we do now especially to 2009 is data driven and we take a look at the reports coming in and we detail our resources that we need to be most effective,” Chief Duncan says.

But a big reason why they say they’ve seen improvement is because of their involvement with the community. But in order to continue seeing this steady decline, more work needs to be done.

Captain Rich Kaiser tells us, “We’re also working with local schools and mentoring and some of the younger students and younger youth in community to start when they are younger and continue as they progress in their lives.”

Chief Duncan says making deeper connections is important and figuring out what their community wants and needs is crucial to effectively police.

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