Salisbury council approves amendment for city’s fire department pay plan

SALISBURY, Md. –  The Salisbury Fire Department is officially taking the next step in making sure their employees are paid adequately.  At Monday night’s city council meeting, council members approved the second and final reading for the fiscal year 2019 general fund budget to adjust the department’s pay plan. Officials say often times employees play a number of different roles for the department, but aren’t compensated for it. So they say with this budget adjustment, they’ll be able to offer a competitive wage with other departments while also being able to recruit and retain experienced officers.

“By being somewhat competitive it keeps people local and we invest a lot of time and effort into initial training, getting people on the job and having them promote up to the organization only to lose some because of other departments across the bay and all that stuff ,” said Salisbury Fire Department Chief John Tull.

Tull adds that since the ordinance has passed they’ll begin processing the paper work to move each individual into their official pay grades.

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