Police investigating Thirsty’s Convenience Store armed robbery

DELMAR, Md. – At Thirsty’s Convenience Store state police say two men, one of them armed with a handgun, entered the store demanding money and now an active armed robbery investigation is underway.

Frequent customer Kristal Thomas said, “It’s a scary situation to have a gun pointed at you.”

Store customers clearly shaken up over ‪Thursday night‬’s armed robbery of the store on Ocean Highway in Delmar.

Maryland State Police say ‪at 8:41 p.m.‬ two men entered the store and demanded money from the cashier at gun point.

The suspects managed to escape before police arrived.

Lieutenant Christopher Davala with Maryland State Police said,  “We did conduct a K9 search if the area. The dog did track the direction, but we were unable to find a vehicle or suspects.”

Lieutenant Davala also tells 47 ABC while the suspects did display a gun, no shots were fired and there were no reported injuries.

However Kristal Thomas says it’s still unsettling.

She said, ‬“Somebody could’ve been killed it’s  terrible for somebody to be robbed. When they have the gun, don’t fight them. Just put your hands up give them what they want. That’s how you don’t get hurt. Don’t try to be a hero it’s not worth it.”

Although police believe there’s no immediate threat to the public in this case, they are warning shop owners and residents in general to be aware of their surroundings this time of year.

Lieutenant Davala said, “It is after the holidays and bills are coming in. People aren’t working. The key is just be aware where you’re going and those around you. We’re telling stores and commercial owners a lot of this is on how they protect themselves.  We can only do so much.”

Maryland State Police are asking anyone who has seen or heard anything to please come forward as this information is critical to their investigation.

If you have any information, police are asking that you call them at 410-749-3101

As always 47 ABC will continue to update this page with new information as it becomes available.
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