Medical examiner rules Anton Black’s death ‘accidental’

GREENSBORO, Md. – Accidental. That was the conclusion chief medical examiner Dr. David Fowler came to as the cause of death of 19-year-old Anton Black.
In the autopsy report 47 ABC obtained, Fowler determined that Black died of sudden cardiac death. Fowler added that Black already had a biological issue with his heart that contributed to his death. The report says Black’s condition caused a lack of oxygenated blood to flow to his heart, and based on the review of the investigation and autopsy findings, officials say it’s likely that the stress of his struggle contributed to his death. The report also says that “No evidence was found that restraint by law enforcement directly caused or significantly contributed to Blacks death”. It also says no evidence was found that restraint led to Black choking to death, something that goes against what the Black family claims. The medical examiner also addressed the fact that Black reportedly may have recently smoked spice, but said because Blacks’s body was unsuitable for testing that there was no evidence of synthetic cannabinoids in his system. Now despite the medical examiner’s report, Anton Black’s family says they’re still seeking justice for his death, and they are requesting that the Caroline County State’s Attorney, Joseph Riley, summon a grand jury as part of his ongoing investigation. I did reach out to the Black family for a comment on the report, but they declined to do an interview today. As for the State’s Attorney Joseph Riley he also declined an interview. But he did release a statement saying “There is not currently enough evidence to establish probable cause to seek an indictment. And there is no intention to place this matter before a grand jury at this time.” Also in the statement, Riley says he is authorizing the law enforcement agencies to release the body cam footage to the public. And attorney’s for the black family add that they will be conducting an independent review of the forensic and medical evidence in conjunction with civil rights claims arising from Anton’s death.

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