MD food bank looking for donations to support those affected by govt. shutdown

SALISBURY, Md.  – As we head into day 32 of the government shutdown, food bank officials say Maryland families of federal workers who have either not been working or working without pay are beginning to worry about where their next meal will come from. Officials say the demand for the food bank to provide for those in need has skyrocketed as the government shutdown continues. That’s why they’re now looking to the community to provide donations whether it be food or money to help.

“We can’t do what we do without volunteer support to make sure that food goes in and goes out quickly so that our families can have access. If any positive is to come out of what is currently going on in our country it’s the fact that our communities are really pulling together,” said Maryland Food Bank regional program director Jennifer Small.

Food bank officials add that if you’re interested in donating either online or in person to a food bank you can head to their website here to find the best way to give back.

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