Local firefighter making a difference, one postcard at a time

DOVER, Del. – On Wednesday, a group of women from the Dover Century Club got together to write inspiring messages down on postcards to send out to people who may be going through a hard time. This effort was organized by the President of a new non-profit called Postcard Connect.

We’re told Postcard Connect started with a road trip, a Facebook post and a couple of postcards.

Trey Small, the President of Postcard Connect said, “I put a picture on Facebook and said, ‘Who would like a postcard while I am out here?’ And I had so many responses within the first hour and a half that I couldn’t possibly write them all.”

It was then that Trey Small realized the difference that writing and mailing a postcard could make.

Small said, “Every little story we get, whether it changed in a large way or it just brightened somebody’s day, means so much to us and it’s our inspiration to just keep doing more and keep pushing this farther and farther.”

Eventually, Trey’s postcards became so popular he created Postcard Connect.

“We’re connecting people through just a simple postcard,” he said.

Small now works with others to send postcards out to places like children’s hospitals, military veterans and veterans hospitals across the country.

Small said, “It’s really humbling.”

But lifting others up and making a difference is nothing new to Small, who has served as a volunteer fire fighter with the Dover Fire Department for 18 years, as an instructor for the Delaware State Fire School for over 10 years, and as a full time fire fighter in Anne Arundel County for 5 years.

Small does all of this without the hands that many of us take for granted.

A member of the Dover Century Club said, “He is the only hand amputee career fire fighter in the United States.”

Trey is not one to let anything get in his way. When he has a mission, he carries through no matter the challenges or hard work required.

Small said, “Anyone, anywhere, the mission never ends.”

If you’re interested in writing a postcard, or just learning more about the non profit, you can find them on Facebook at Postcard Connect or on Instagram @Postcard_Connect.

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