Investigation continues for stolen Baby Jesus statue in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, Md. – A Baby Jesus statue from the St. Paul’s by-the Sea Episcopal Church has cost the community hundreds of dollars.

According to Father Matthew D’Amario, the statue is an important part of their community. That is why he hopes the burglars will have a change of heart and return the statue.

But, Father D’Amario said this is not the first time the same statue was stolen.  A few years ago, the statue was taken from the nativity scene and found washed up on the shore.

“We’re lucky that nobody had gotten hurt, and that it wasn’t a great loss,” said D’Amario.

“There is a sense of violation, but ultimately I think the best perspective is to look at it as an opportunity for conversion of a heart,” said D’Amario.

D’Amario also said some of the statues at the nativity scene are decades old.

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