Gov. Larry Hogan to give state of the state address on Wednesday

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – In less than 24 hours, Governor Larry Hogan will deliver his state of the state address to legislators, state officials and each and every resident of Maryland. Local lawmakers say they’re looking forward to hearing the governor’s plans and major focus points for the state.Including investments for education, infrastructure, the environment and more. And they say they’re happy to support the governor in all of his decisions.

“It’s a new process to me so I”m anxious to be apart of it and I’m familiar with a lot of the governor’s direction for the bills that he is supporting. It’ll be interesting to see how it all comes together,” said Delegate Wayne Hartman.

Governor Hogan is expected to deliver his state of the state address on Wednesday, beginning at 12 PM at the Maryland State House. And if you aren’t able to see it in person, the address will also be live streamed by Maryland Public Television.


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