General Assembly reconvenes for 150th session in Del.

DOVER, Del. – It was another historic day for the First State. Tuesday marked the start of Delaware’s 150th General Assembly session.

This year, many new faces joined the assembly, and family and friends watched as their loved ones were sworn into office.

On Tuesday, 47ABC caught up with some representatives and state senators, and they told us they are excited, and have high hopes for the new session.

Sen. Brian Pettyjohn (R – D19) said, “I mean we’re very excited. It’s always a special kind of energy when we open up a new general assembly in Dover.”

5 new senators and 12 new representatives are joining the general assembly this year. One of the new elects, Rep. Bryan Shupe (R – D36) told 47ABC this day means the world to him, and he hopes to carry through on his promises to his district. “Stepping in and realizing that the election was people selecting you to be their voice, it really means a lot and being in the 150th General Assembly, I think it’s going to be exciting,” Rep. Shupe said.

Other legislators are excited to see what these new faces bring to the table.

Rep. Ruth Briggs King (R – D37) said, “So when you have that kind of turnover and new engagement, it’s fresh ideas and different concepts that are going to drive discussion.”

When we asked lawmakers what kind of legislation they would like to see passed in this session, the answers were similar.

First, addressing the opioid epidemic.

Rep. Timothy Dukes (R – D40) said, “Dealing with heroin abuse. Dealing with distributors those who are distributing and dealing heroin.”

Sen. Pettyjohn added, “We’re looking at the heroin problem and how we can curb that.”

Next, legislators are hoping to see improved education in the state.

Rep. John Mitchell (D – D13) said, “I’ve been a big advocate of some type of funding source for higher education.”

Rep. Ruth Briggs King said, “Looking for some good bills with advancing education.”

Finally, many would like to see bills passed that will support the First State’s economy.

Sen. Pettyjohn said, “Helping with economic development. Getting people good jobs in our area.”

As for whats next, legislators will go through some training. On Wednesday, they are set to join their committee groups.]

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