City and local organization partner to benefit local children

SALISBURY, Md. – Over sixty local children are currently on the waiting list for a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Eastern Shore. Now the City of Salisbury is pitching in to help those kids in need.

Mayor Jake Day announced Thursday evening that every city employee will now be eligible to take paid time, one hour a week, to volunteer to mentor children with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Eastern Shore.

That means hundreds of men and women now have an incentive to mentor these kids in need. Kids who may be in a single parent home, have a parent who is incarcerated, or those living with grandparents and have a generation gap.

“That’s 435 new potential mentors, and I guarantee you, we’re going to get 50 to 100 right off the bat. And I’m one of them,” said Day.

Another positive Day pointed out was the amount of male city employees ready to lend a helping hand. Because, as officials explained, about 80 percent of the children on the wait list are boys, but only 30 percent of mentors who inquire are men.

Officials read off the benefits of mentors working with children, including improved attitude toward school, better self esteem, better ability to express feelings and improved relationships with adults.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Eastern Shore is always looking for more help mentoring their children. If you want to lend an hour here or there, you can give them a call at 410-543-2447.

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