Tax filing season and refunds could be affected if gov’t shutdown continues

47 ABC – Despite Congress being back in session Thursday, a government shutdown is now in its sixth day.

Both lawmakers and President Donald Trump aren’t budging over the funding of the border wall. Because local matters, 47 ABC spoke to an accountant on what this could mean for you and your pocket book.

If the shutdown continues, it could affect the IRS in their preparation for this season. With the new tax laws, the IRS is already struggling to get the system ready.

We’re told the group that will likely get hit the hardest during a possible shut down are the people who self prepare. Seth Place from CG Accounting Group, LLC tells 47 ABC, “They may be call the IRS for questions, they offer self prepared tax services through their website, those services may be down during government shut down.”

Tax filing season doesn’t start until January 29th but they are accepting tax returns as of the 21st. This is also important to know, while they may be processing returns, they will not issue any refunds during a shutdown.

It’s possible that neither chamber will vote again until January 3, when Democrats assume the House majority.

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