Snow Hill construction zone raises concerns from locals

SNOW HILL, Md. – An area on Route 113 that’s just about a mile from downtown Snow Hill is raising some concerns in the community with a growing number of crashes taking place just these past two months.

That’s including a tractor-trailer that overturned on Monday.

“If I wasn’t paying attention who knows what could’ve happened,” exclaims local resident Jordyn Duerr.

For the past two months, it’s been anything but smooth sailing on a stretch of Route 113 near Public Landing Road. Seven accidents in the last two months have happened in that area, four of them involving tractor trailers.  And some locals believe the ongoing construction is to blame.

Local resident Ronnie Long says, “I think speed has a little bit to do with it and of course the construction going on there is a bit of a distraction too.”

We spoke to several people at a gas station near the intersection including two truckers who didn’t want to go on camera who say speeding is the problem, not construction.

Meanwhile another person we spoke with says it’s probably a little bit of both, but adds the signs don’t often give people enough warning.

“It’s always in a different area, it’s not like you can be prepared for it. There are some signs that kind of warn you for it but not always, only sometimes.”

The State Highway Administration tells 47 ABC they’re currently reviewing the crashes and gave this statement saying in part, “In November, MDOT SHA installed electronic variable message signs to alert vehicles, particularly trucks, to slow down to 35 mph at this location.”

The bad news for residents is the fact that the end date for the project is still a year out.

So in the meantime, it’s probably best for drivers to follow this advice,”Until the construction is done just use caution and not get into too big of a hurry going through there.”


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