Safety tips to protect yourself during the holidays

47 ABC – For some, the holidays can be a merry time, but for others it’s an opportunity for the perfect crime

To protect yourself during the season, we gathered some helpful tips.

If you go shopping, you shouldn’t shop alone. Make sure that your car doors and windows are locked and park in a well-lit area.

While trying to be safe at home, avoid placing gifts where they can be seen through the window.

47 ABC spoke to the Milton Police Department, who also says you should be mindful when disposing of any gift boxes. “Don’t leave your 75 inch tv box next to your trash can. Cut it up and put it inside your trash can. By putting it out there, you’re advertising what I have and some body may break in there to get that TV,” Chief Robert Longo says.

Another tip to keep in mind, be careful with social media. Some of the content that you post could let potential criminals know you aren’t at home.

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