Puppies coming down with parvo following Mega-Adoption Event

Five puppies adopted at the Brandywine Valley SPCA’s Mega Adoption Event have passed away after contracting parvo, a deadly and extremely contagious disease.

Dr. Walter Orth with the Atlantic Veterinary Services explained, “Like most viruses, unfortunately there is no treatment for the virus. You can do aggressive supportive therapy, but you can’t really cure the virus itself.”

The heartbreak of losing your dog is a feeling many of us know all too well. That feeling of heartache is still fresh for Cyndi Truitt, who lost her family dog just six months ago.

Cyndi told 47ABC she ventured out to the Brandywine Valley SPCA’s Mega Adoption event on Saturday looking to fill a void. She came away with two beautiful puppies.

Sadly, within a matter of hours of adopting the two, one of the puppies became very ill.

Cyndi Truitt said, “We adopted the dog at the event on Saturday, by Sunday he was symptomatic.”

Unfortunately the dog, who Cyndi named ‘Little Man’, was diagnosed with parvo and did not make it.

Truitt said, “He was just so small and too weak to recover and he did pass away.”

Little Man’s sister, Daisy, is now battling parvo as well.

Truitt said, “She is currently at our veterinarian hospitalized. She will come back to spend the night at the Pets ER again and hopefully will recover. She’s a little older a little stronger but again, there’s no guarantee.”

Little Man and Daisy aren’t the only pups from the Mega-Adoption Event who have come down with the disease.

In total, six cases of parvo have been confirmed, and five of those six pups have passed away.

The Brandywine Valley SPCA provided the following statement:

On the other hand, Cyndi says she believes more needs to be done to ensure the health of these pups moving forward. She wants to stress that she is very pro-adoption, but she doesn’t believe mega adoption events are the best way to find homes for dogs and cats.

“I do feel that there needs to be something changed with these mega events,” she said.

Cyndi has started a Go Fund Me page to help her and others affected with medical costs, but now that the BVSPCA is reimbursing them, she is going to use the money collected to raise awareness about parvo and other common shelter diseases.

You can find that Go Fund Me page here.

If you have a puppy, you are encouraged to get them vaccinated for parvo, as it is the best form of prevention.

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