New study shows child abuse climbs after report cards are released

47 ABC – A new study has come out that suggests child abuse tends to climb after report cards come out.

According to JAMA Pediatrics, child abuse increases the day after report cards are released, but only when kids get their grades on a Friday.

Punishment may become more abusive when students do not need to go to school the next day because injuries can go unnoticed.

The study shows abuse and corporal punishment are still too common. The Life Crisis Center says corporal punishment is not affective in changing behavior and will do the exact opposite.

LCC therapist, Chris Bozick says, “Communication is what’s most important. When a parent is upset, you don’t want to react. You want to separate, do a time out for yourself, sort of collect your thoughts and then approach the child in a way that will be constructive and be a way to do problem solving with them.”

Bozick says teachers or parents can notice signs of abuse through a change of behavior. The student could act aggressive or isolate him or herself.

The Life Crisis Center is always there for any trauma like abuse. If you or anyone you know needs the Life Crisis hotline number, you can call them at 410-749-4357.

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