New inclusion center opens to support historically-marginalized students

SALISBURY, Md. – After years of work, the ribbon was cut for the new Center for Equity, Justice and Inclusion at Salisbury University on Wednesday afternoon.

It’s an area designed to give support to people in historically marginalized groups, including facilities for Women, LGBTQ+, and disabled individuals.

“Four years of meetings, after trying to find money, the budgeting and the strategic planning and the physical construction that has to go into that. And it’s an inherently collaborative process. Just about every office on campus had some role in this space,” said Ben Lenox, one of the student organizers for the facility.

The purpose of the new center is to build a culture of inclusion for historically marginalized groups.

“We want to make sure that faculty, staff and students, who are part of those traditionally under-represented marginalized groups, they get the support that they need,” said Humberto Aristizabal, the Associate VP of Institutional Equity.

Elsie Walker, Chair of the SU’s Womens’ Forum says this is a long time coming, adding she felt this was a need for a decade.  For her, there was an absence of help for women juggling their personal and professional lives.

“They can see tangible evidence of the campus community’s investment in their empowerment, in protecting their rights, and inspiring them to do good in the world.”

But officials and organizers want to stress one thing, this is for everyone, all races and genders, to come get the support they need.

“At the end of the day, Salisbury is part of the greater community, and we want to contribute in that way, as well,” said Aristizabal.

We are told this continues to be a work in progress. Three of the six offices are currently filled, and they expect to fill more soon.

For more information on these new facilities, you can contact the multicultural student services at 410-548-4503.

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