Mardela Middle & High working on improvements and creates feasibility study

MARDELA SPRINGS, Md. – Improvements continue underway in Wicomico County, as Mardela Middle and High school will be getting a much needed facelift.

Currently, they are figuring out the surfacing that needs to be done to complete their track and field and they plan to add new bleachers. This project will begin this summer.

But in order to continue seeing more improvements to the school, a feasibility study has been done and will be offered to the community.

This will be a way to see what renovations need to be done and hear the community’s input.

Michael Campbell, the Assistant Principal says, “Anything that would detracts from academics in the student success there is something that needs to be addressed so this feasibility study is a really big part of moving forward and keeping Marcela successful and make sure students are ready for the next stage in their life.”

The feasibility study will be open to the public on January 15th, after their PTA meeting.

After the study is presented, we’re told more planning needs to be done. They will look at the conditions and structural needs and from there see what’s next for their construction phase.

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