‘Just Zoo It’ can donations to support American Bison exhibit

SALISBURY, Md. – Thousands of kids and their families helped collect just under 12,000 cans for the Just Zoo it campaign.

The colorful cans were collected with care at the Lower Shore Enterprises Wednesday. Inside were hundreds of coins from 32 different schools across the Eastern Shore.

This money will go towards the American Bison Exhibit, which will get a face lift and new furry friends.

“We’ve identified two new baby calves that we’re going to be bringing to the zoo and we’re going to redo the exhibit. One to help the zoo keepers so they stay safe because obviously having younger bison in the exhibit will be interesting and the kids will love it,” explains Cheryl Young of Delmarva Zoological Society.

Last year the money raised was used to build the new 11 foot anaconda exhibit that will open this spring.

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