Caroline County family seeks answers after 19-year-old son dies in police custody

DENTON, Md. – “Justice has got to be served for this child. It’s wrong,” said Mary Boyce.

On Monday, dozens of family members and friends of 19-year-old Antone Black stood outside the Caroline County Circuit Court demanding justice for the teen who died while in police custody back in September.

“Antone’s life was stolen from him. And in his absence, a life was stolen from us as well,” said Antone’s girlfriend.

Back On September 15th police were trying to arrest Black after he allegedly had kidnapped a young boy. According to the police report, Black resisted by biting and punching officers. But despite this police say they were able to handcuff him without using excessive force. Moments later though for some unknown reason, Blacks’ breathing changed and he began to show signs of medical distress. Police say they administered narcan and did CPR, but Black would ultimately die that night in the hospital leaving his family and friends with questions.

“What happened? How does he end up dead? He didn’t have a knife, he didn’t have a gun. He didn’t shoot anybody,” Antone’s father.

An autopsy report will eventually reveal that, but his family says they’ve been waiting for that for far too long.

“It was promised within four to six weeks from September 15th. Now it’s been an excessive of 90 days. We still do not have it,” said the family’s attorney¬†Rene Swafford.

Maryland State Police say they’re still conducting a full, detailed investigation of Antone’s death and can’t make a move until they hear back from the medical examiner. Until that happens though Antone’s family says his death will remain an open wound for them unable to heal.

“As a community we need to remember that it could’ve been our child, our son, and they need answers and we’re demanding answers,” said Ben Cahall.

State police add that Officials from the Caroline County State’s Attorney’s Office have been kept informed of the investigative process since the night the investigation began, and when the investigation is complete it will be given to the State’s Attorney’s Office for review. Right now Maryland State Police have not given a timetable on when their investigation will be complete.



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