Appeals Court rules against OC; Dumser’s ownership case goes to Worcester Co.’s circuit court

OCEAN CITY, Md. – We have the latest on the Dumser’s Dairyland saga. Court of Special Appeals ruled against Ocean City sending over a case of ownership to Worcester County’s circuit court.

The town of Ocean City has been trying to claim full ownership over the Atlantic Avenue property. The town says the original owners, the Rapoport’s who are apart of Nathan’s Associates were supposed to surrender their rights to the property to OC.

A court ruled in favor of the town back in 2017. But with an appeal, the court has reversed the prior ruling.

Mona Strauss is the daughter of Nathan Rapoport, the man who erected the building in 1939 and she tells us, “We’re very pleased the one thing that we were floored about that it came down so quickly. This decision came down in six weeks and coming down before the holiday and new year, it’s a wonderful feeling.”

According to Strauss, the purpose of the remand is for the circuit court to enter a new order that replaces the 2017 order to remove the building and that there will be no new trial.

We’re told the town now has 30 days to file an appeal.

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