UPDATE: UMES reporting dangerous chemical spill on campus

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – A building on the University of Maryland Eastern Shore campus was evacuated Tuesday afternoon, after a scary hazmat situation.

Officials say that a glass bottle with Ammonium Hydroxide was accidentally knocked over inside Trigg Hall, while contractors were working to build a new small animal research lab. More than 20 first responders arrived shortly after noon, including the City of Salisbury’s Haz-Mat team.

While no students were in danger or affected, ambulances were on the scene to help anyone who was inside the building.

“When the chemical spill occurred there were approximately 5 people who were affected. And when I say approximately, four people that came out of the building were approached by EMT and refused treatment. Once they got some fresh air they were fine. A fifth person was taken to the hospital for observation,” said Bill Robinson, the director for UMES public relations.

Officials say Ammonium hydroxide is water soluble, so it clears away pretty quickly. First responders were on scene for about two hours but no one was hurt. Trigg Hall is closed for the rest of the day.


3 PM

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – The incident has been cleared as of 2:16 PM.

Officials say a glass container labeled Ammonium Hydroxide was inadvertently knocked to the floor and broke. Five people vacated the building immediately, followed by a campus police order to evacuate the entire building.

Princess Anne Volunteer Firefighters responded within minutes, however, it was quickly determined that the City of Salisbury’s Hazmat Team was needed to help assess the situation.

Out of the five people closest to the spill, four declined treatment after getting fresh air. A fifth person was taken to the hospital out as a precaution. No classes were held in the building for the remainder of the day on Tuesday.

We’re told that no students were in danger or affected.

1 PM

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is reporting a dangerous chemical spill at Trigg Hall.

We are told the building is being evacuated, and officials are urging everyone to avoid the area.

According to Bill Robinson, Director for UMES Office of Public Relations, a hazmat team from Salisbury arrived on scene at around 1:15 PM and they are assessing the situation at this time.

There are ambulances currently on scene, but it is unknown at this moment is anyone is being taken to the hospital.

Details are limited at this time. We will have the latest updates as they come into our newsroom.

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