The Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Saturday Night!

If you missed the peak night of the Orionid meteor shower a few weeks ago, you’re in luck! Another great meteor shower is expected to peak this weekend. The Leonids will peak late Saturday night and early Sunday morning (November 17-18). The best time to watch will be between midnight and dawn Sunday morning.

Sometimes this particular meteor shower produces what are known as “meteor storms”. This is when 1,000 or more meteors are visible per hour. Unfortunately, astronomers are not predicting a meteor storm this year. We can expect to see 10-15 meteors per hour.

To see the most meteors, it’s best to give your eyes about 20 minutes to adjust to the darkness. It’s also a good idea to get away from town or city lights.

Here on Delmarva, the weather will be cooperating this year with mostly clear skies! It’s going to be a chilly night though. Temperatures are expected to drop into the 30s. So bundle up!

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