Results unofficial until hundreds of ballots are counted

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – The rain on Election Day didn’t stop thousands of people heading to cast their ballots. Now many of the unofficial results are in, but there are still votes that need to be tallied.

County Board of Election offices all across the country and here on Delmarva are still hard at work counting the remaining absentee and provisional ballots.

In Dorchester County, we’re told there’s about 600 ballots that still need to be counted.

“Sometimes it doesn’t change anything but everyone definitely gets their ballot counted and that’s the most important thing that no one feels like ‘oh why bother if I’m just going to send in a piece of paper that won’t count until later’ or maybe not count at all. That’s just a misnomer and we don’t want anyone to think they’re not counted, they absolutely are,” explains Gwendolyn Dales, Director for Dorchester County Board of Elections.

The first absentee canvas or in other words counting in Dorchester County is Thursday at 10 a.m. at the Dorchester County Building. The public is welcome to attend and see how the process works.

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