Remembering “Bull”

SALISBURY, Md. – It’s not often that someone comes into our lives and brings us absolute joy without expecting anything in return, but for the city of Salisbury, that’s exactly who Ofc. Aaron “Bull” Hudson was.

Whether you needed a laugh, someone to talk to or even if you just needed to hug-a-bull, he was your guy and the impact he had here was huge.

Bull was an officer with the Salisbury Police Department for 27 years and although his beat was patrolling the area around main street downtown he frequently just called his job keeping watch on the “bull-avard”.

It goes without saying that Bull was much more than just a cop, in fact, he broke barriers, helping to bring the department he served and the community he loved closer together.

Adults respected him and children adored him, maybe because in his heart Bull was just a big kid himself. But his reach went far beyond Salisbury. Outside of the city – he was an ambassador,  at events like the Polar Bear Plunge, showcasing the best of what the city stands for and raising funds for things like the Special Olympics.

In Bull’s mind though doing all that and more was easy because he looked at everyone he met as the family and loved them as such.
He even said so himself during an interview with us back in 2016, “It’s not even like work, I mean how can you call it ‘work’ when you love what you do and everybody loves seeing you here. It’s really easy, approachable and everybody’s got a question for bull or everyone wants to talk to me and I love it,” Bull said.

With Bull gone, it is unmistakable that a piece of Salisbury is gone with him.

But here’s the thing although he’s gone physically,  the lessons he left us are not. Love one another. Love your community. Laugh when you can.
And when you can no longer Hug-a-Bull, hug each other.

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