Pocomoke house destroyed in fire was abandoned

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – On Bonneville Avenue sits a pile of rubble.

From the outside, at first glance, it looks like the result of another devastating fire.

Ash and charred remains of a home that was taken to the ground.

But if you examine the case that is now underway, you’ll find that this isn’t just sad or troubling it’s confusing.

For us the confusion started when we attempted to get video, and instead found a man, William Nock who was noticeably distraught.

He said, “There’s a whole lot of memories there with me. My wife and my son and grand kids. All of them were born right here.”

Nock claims to have lived in the home with his family.

But, a press release issued by the investigating agency, the Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office, states that the rental property was not only unoccupied, it was abandoned, which is something the story Nock told, would contradict.

Once we learned Nock’s claims, we began to think back and ask questions.

Our first crew member on scene, a videographer says he spoke with a police officer who claimed the quote-unquote “homeowner” escaped.

But when we reached out to the police department on Monday, they refused to comment.

We ran into similar issues when we called the local fire department.

Everyone asked that we call the Fire Marshal’s office, who responded to us Tuesday, confirming the home had been unoccupied for months. In fact, the power had been disconnected this past Summer.

Officials explain Nock was a former tenant at the property, but had moved months ago.

As of Tuesday, the cause of the fire is still considered undetermined.

We will continue to update this page with information as it becomes available.

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