Officials warn public of invasive insect that could destroy ash trees

DELAWARE – Government officials are concerned about an invasive insect that has the ability to seriously damage local forests even your backyard.

It’s called the emerald ash borer and it’s a destructive insect that attacks and kills ash trees. The problem here is that there are a lot of those trees on Delmarva. It’s commonly used in landscaping and around small streams and creeks.

If it makes it way to the tree, it can kill it within months. But the good news that we have for you is that there are warning signs to look out for and measures that can be taken.

Ginny Rosenkranz, a local horticulturist with UMD Extension explains,”First of all know what trees are on your landscaping. If you have an ash tree you want to be looking for any small ‘D’ shaped holes and when I say small, I mean they’re smaller than a penny and the hole is D shaped because the top of the bug is flat.”

Also in the spring if there are no leaves on your tree when their should be, that’s another indication the invasive insect may be in your backyard.

But there are some chemicals that you can get as a homeowner to prevent emerald ash borer from invading your trees.

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