Local reactions on outcome of District 38 race: Mary Beth Carozza and Jim Mathias

MARYLAND – Delegate Mary Beth Carozza scored one of the biggest upsets when she knocked off incumbent Senator Jim Mathias.

The Republican who is very familiar with Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset Counties will now represent District 38.

Carozza, the Ocean City resident, won with 53% of the votes. Carozza received a total of 24,370 votes, while Mathias brought in 21,530.

Because local matters, 47 ABC spoke to several residents to hear their thoughts on this big race.

While many voters respected Mathias, several believe it was time for someone else to take over.

Worcester County resident, Jim Richards says, “I think the problem that we ran into, or I ran into was Jim Mathias became a politician. He lost his roots here in Ocean City and he was a good guy and stuff like that but he became a politician and I think that’s what really killed him.”

Ruth Phillips from Snow Hill tells 47 ABC, “I think he’s a good man and he’s done a good job but it’s time for a change. She’s always for the Eastern Shore and that’s where I think she stands.”

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