Historic local church reopens after foundation work

BERLIN, Md. – On Sunday, the Taylorville United Methodist Church reopened its doors following a foundation replacement project that took several months to complete.

During construction in the spring, the church found a goldmine of historic artifacts in their foundation, and just this past weekend they put pictures of them on display.

Clark said, “As we were doing the construction on the work on the foundation, Russ called me in one day told me he wanted me to look at something and I thought, ‘Oh what’s the problem now?”

It was no problem at all, rather, it was an old time capsule that was filled with artifacts dating back to 1851.

Following the incredible, once in a lifetime discovery, the church decided to insert two of their own time capsules back into the foundation for a future generation to discover.

Clark said, “Some of our members got together and put a thumb-drive in for the future generation, 100, 150 years, so when they find one time capsule, [they will find] another, a bigger one that we have stuffed into it.”

Until those time capsules are discovered, pictures of the historic artifacts found will stand in the chapel serving as a reminder of this church’s unique history and it’s ability to withstand the test of time.

Clark said, “We don’t know what the future is going to bring here at Taylorville Church, but we are lively, and we’re willing to take on whatever comes.”

If you want to contribute to this church, and you’re interested in taking home a piece of the church’s historic foundation they are selling bricks of the old foundation to anyone interested.

All you have to do is stop by the church in Berlin, or give them a call at 410-208-1233.

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