Larry Hogan re-elected as Maryland’s governor

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Tuesday marked one of the most highly anticipated midterm elections in recent history.

47ABC had team coverage of the elections all day long, with 47ABC’s Brooke Butler following the race for governor in Maryland.

By a margin of 56 percent to 43 percent, Governor Larry Hogan won another four years in office.

Governor Hogan said, “Tonight in this deep blue state, in this blue year, with a blue wave, it turns out I can surf and we had a purple surf board.”

Governor Larry Hogan is now the second republican governor in the State of Maryland to be reelected in 242 years.

Governor Hogan said, “They said it was impossible. They said it couldn’t be done in Maryland but thanks to all of you we just went out and did it.”

This all comes on the heels of a sometimes contentious campaign against democratic candidate Ben jealous.

Governor Hogan said, “While we disagreed on the issues, he has my respect and I sincerely wish him well on his future pursuits.”

Hogan says this win just proves that the state of Maryland comes together, despite this polarizing political environment we’re in.

“I think people responded in Maryland that we’ve put all that hostility and partisan anger aside and tried to govern from the middle and try to work across the aisle and people seem to respond to that, which is why hundreds of thousands of democrats crossed over and voted for me,” he said.

As for the future, Governor Larry Hogan is feeling hopeful.

Hopeful for the state, hopeful for the nation and hopeful that the future will be brighter than the past.

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