DE: Volunteers spend Thanksgiving delivering meals to first responders

MILLSBORO, Del. – “They’re all leaving their families today and making sure that everyone is safe in our county,” said director of communications and community relations for Mountaire Farms, Cathy Bassett.

On Thanksgiving morning dozens of volunteers made their way to the Millsboro Fire House to spend part of their holiday delivering meals to emergency officials across Sussex County.

“They’re getting turkey, stuffing, green beans mashed potatoes, they’re going to have some choices of pie, they’re going to have some cranberry sauce,” said Bassett.

Cindi Susi, the founder of the Blessings for Badges organization who put on the initiative, says she got the idea to bring a little piece of Thanksgiving to first responders who aren’t able to spend the holiday with their families from her father, who was a former police officer.

“I’m doing this in his honor because there were many thanksgivings where dad didn’t get to eat dinner with us so I want to make sure that these guys that are out there, that are working in the trenches that they’re not forgotten,” Susi said.

From police departments, fire stations, correctional centers and more, every official in the county working this holiday got their very own thanksgiving feast delivered right to their doors. And they say they’re thankful for those who took the time to think about them.

“Most of our staff are working doubles today and don’t have the opportunity to have a thanksgiving meal, they’re away from their families. It gives them a little bit of peace of mind where they can take a few minutes, sit down and relax, eat a decent meal, and sort of reflect and have some conversation with their coworkers and their away from home family,” said Staff Lieutenant, Matthew Long.

And volunteers we spoke with tell us they wouldn’t want to spend their Thanksgiving Day any other way.

“We love them and we appreciate them and it’s a thank you for all they do,” said Bassett.

Members add that this was the first year the Blessings for Badges organization put on this event. And they say they expect make this an annual tradition from now on.


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