Artists Giving Back event offers free meals on ‘Giving Tuesday’

BERLIN, Md. – “It’s really important to do things like this in the community, because it brings people together,” said volunteer Elroy Brittingham.

Dozens of community leaders, members, and volunteers from the coolest small town in America came together this Giving Tuesday to give back to those in need of a hot meal.

“This is a great thing for everybody. The whole community comes together to give back to the needy,” said chef Kenneth Morris.

Put on by members of the Berlin Culinary Artists and the Ministry of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, the third annual Artists Giving Back, Meal for the Hungry event filled hundreds of empty stomachs on a day that allows people to make a difference in each other’s lives.

“Today was a perfect day to show continued fellowship and good stewardship in our community and that’s exactly what everyone who’s participated in this has done from the restaurants that donated food, from the church with their generosity,” said¬†Berlin Arts and Entertainment Committee Member, Robin Tomaselli.

Event organizers add that the day was also a reminder for those to continue to support and give back to those in need even after the holidays are over.

“Kind of what started it was the spark to say and to acknowledge that there are people in our own community that need help and they need somebody to just reach their hand out and share some love and that’s what we’re doing here today,” said Tomaselli.

And residents say it’s critical that those in need know they have a whole community fighting in their corner.

“We just want to be apart of that uplifting of there are people that have your back when you’re feeling down and out and it’s beyond just the food it’s a fellowship,” said hospitality minister Patrick Henry.

Event organizers add that what sparked them to create this annual tradition was seeing that there were people in their own community that were in need of help, and they wanted to simply reach out their hand and share the love.

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